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What is Autotrade?

Autotrade is a service that some brokers provide in which the client grants certain trading rights to their broker. The broker will then execute any trade alerts that the client authorizes in their account. These trade alerts are based on certain newsletter providers that the client subscribes to, such as 10 Percent Per Month. Allocation amounts are defined by the client so their broker knows exactly how much they may trade for them. The newsletter provider has no access to the client's account or capital.

What Brokers Provide Autotrade for 10PPM?

The following brokers currently provide autotrade for our newsletter:

Autotrade 10PercentPerMonth with ThinkOrSwim

Autotrade 10PercentPerMonth with eOption

Autotrade 10PercentPerMonth with Global Auto Trading

Autotrade 10PercentPerMonth with AutoShares

Autotrade 10PercentPerMonth with OptionsRoute

How Do I Define My Autotrade Settings?

Each broker's method of defining allocation settings are different. Most brokers will have a page on their website that you can log in to and define the allocation amounts. To avoid compounding, one should define a fixed dollar amount to be used for our positions. If you still have questions regarding autotrade, it would be best to contact your broker directly.