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Autotrading Available Have our trades automatically executed in your brokerage account.

Perfect for those who are unable to place trades during market hours, or are unsure how to.  More information...

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While most investors are lucky to earn 10% in a year, we try to do this every month.

How Do We Do It?
Trading with just $25,000, our members can earn between $2,500 to $3,000 in monthly income. By using a strategy called the Iron Condor, we participate in an excellent, high rate-of-success trade that does not require any movement in a stock or index to profit consistently. Once we open the position, there is no need for daily monitoring, making this a very low maintenance and low stress trade.

No matter how experienced you are in stock options, our system can help you consistently build your wealth. Our subscribers receive e-mails each month notifying them of the next trade. We also send out periodic e-mails to provide updates pertaining to the markets and our current position. If, for any reason, we need to adjust our position, instructions will be included in our update e-mails.
A Simplified Explanation
Options can be confusing but the following analogy should help you understand how simple and successful our strategy can be. When you own a home, you have fire insurance to protect your investment. An insurance company sells you this insurance in the form of a premium. Lets say this premium is collected on a monthly basis. As each month passes and there is no fire on your home, the insurance company keeps all the premiums that you have paid and will continue to do so. Options are a form of insurance for stocks. Our strategy allows us to sell insurance to stockholders and keep the premiums each month.

Now lets say something does happens to your home. A fire has started in one corner of the home and the insurance company has been notified as it is going on. They have to wait until the fire is put out before they can assess the damage. With our strategy, if something begins to go wrong, we can get out of our position before the house is reduced to ashes. We have a very profitable system that is accurate about 80%-90% of the time but if we are wrong, we have the experience and expertise to get out before the fire is too hot and minimize our loss.